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I71Movies is an exciting and ambitious production company founded in 2012 by Derek Talib, Jose Byers and silent partner, Allan Talib. Derek and Jose primarily focused on Ohio talent and their TV series, ‘St. Gabriel’. The company also focused on working with up and coming writers, artists, and crew in the Midwest area. The goal is to build Ohio as the next Hollywood with the generous tax incentive program the state has to offer.

The addition of Rebekah Hart Franklin in 2015 not only added a talented actress and business woman, but also a different perspective to increase diversity and the vision of i71. The four currently have one feature film completed, one TV series, and 7 films in development. They are considered the “Next Big Thing” in the Ohio Film industry.

Derek Talib: Co-Owner | Writer | Director

Derek studied fine arts and was heavily influenced by comic book story boarding in how a story was told visually. Manga, Marvel, D.C. and IMAGE comics would influence his story telling. He has written dramas such as; a six episode web series, ‘ A Child Called Myracle’ , ‘St. Gabriel’, ‘ Dark Iris’, ‘Code 207’, ‘Northern Titan’, ‘Graves Town’, and ‘Ravens Gate’. Derek’s work is born from his artistic influences, like Frank Miller, and his understanding of the Comic Medium helps shape the art and style of the worlds he creates.

Derek has directed multiple projects and been on multimillion dollar sets, like Captain America the Winter Soldier, I am Wrath, and Tank, as well as, worked on multiple indie films where he has either directed, wrote, or help produce. Working with Jose W. Byers, Rebekah Hart Franklin and Allan Talib has allowed Derek’s visions of what i71movies can become. Although, his strength is his creativity, working in tandem with the family of i71Movies allows him to explore the creative vision of how to make films.

The reason that Marvel and Dc Comic movies are doing billion-dollar business is because Hollywood realized the audience is intelligent and that they want an intelligent movie about their heroes. St. Gabriel, Northern Titan, and Echo Haven explore different aspects of what a hero is supposed to be. Films by I71Movies are designed for an intelligent audience with multiple characters that have deep backgrounds which will draw the audience into their back-story, not just the task at hand.

Derek is a creative force that has not only St. Gabriel but multiple projects he is working to bring forward. Derek creates a dark and light world for his talented cast to play in and for the audience to enjoy. St. Gabriel is the heart in the body of work to come.

Jose Byers: Co-Owner | Actor | Talent Acquisition

Jose began his career in show business in his early teens. He found his love of performing and being the center of attention by telling jokes, he discovered that everyone loved to hear his easy comedic banter. This led him to join a performing arts group called ‘The Grape Nut Players’ where he found his acting ability came effortlessly. As a result, he was cast in several plays and worked for over 6 years with the group.

Jose signed with Columbus’s top Ohio agency in 2008 and was hired to be in over 20 commercials and 4 military and law print ads. In 2014 he made his big screen acting debut in Captain America The Winter Soldier. He has since been in 6 other feature films, including, John Travolta's ‘I AM WRATH’.

In addition to acting, Jose has produced, cast and directed several indie short films. He founded i71 Movies with Derek Talib in 2012 and they began producing their TV series ‘St. Gabriel’. His most recent work was the indie feature film, ‘DARK IRIS’ where he was cast as the lead and also helped produce. Jose continues to work hard by networking and building up the company in Ohio which has led many in the Midwest industry to call i71Movies “The Next Big Thing”.

Rebekah Hart Franklin: Co-Owner | Producer

Rebekah began her career as a professional model with representation of four agencies. She modeled for major ad campaigns before transitioning over to Acting. Rebekah already had 10 years of actor’s training before she made the switch by taking courses in college and weekly workshops. She started out working crew and production support while keeping a close eye on producers by watching them work on set. Along with her constant research and studying, Rebekah has extensive knowledge within the film world.

Rebekah signed with two top acting agencies in Atlanta and Virginia and has worked as an actor on major sets to more intimate independent sets. She has produced and directed short films and a 48HR competition which she won 5th place. Recently she help produce the feature film DARK IRIS.

In addition to wanting to be a powerhouse woman in the film industry, Rebekah wants to be a business woman and build up i71Movies into an Empire. Rebekah has her Bachelor's Degree in Liberal Arts from Northeastern State University with an emphasis in Communications, Social and behavioral Sciences and Humanities.

Allan Talib: Co-Owner | CFO | Business Analyst

Allan Talib has over 25 years of experience in business development and financial services. Working as the Chief Fiscal Officer, he brings a vast and eclectic knowledge base to the company. A few of his skills and experiences include: recruiting, corporate budgeting, strategic planning, marketing development, grant writing & fundraising, insurance, and serving as a liaison between government agencies, banks and organizations.

Allan is also focused on giving back to the community. He volunteers as a senior youth leader and has also helped develop and oversee drug & alcohol treatment programs and after school music programs.

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