DC Talib has written and created multiple shows including docu-series, Auto-biographical, steaming content, web content, screenplays, limited series, and television series

 St. Gabriel (Supernatural Thriller)

Federal Court (drama/comedy),

A Wicked Breed (Action Horror)

Echo Haven (Supernatural Action),

Kingdom of Darkness (Horror),

 Party Train Christmas (Holiday Comedy)

 American Titan (Super Hero), 

Code 207 (Action Drama)

Dark Iris (Sci-Fi action)

Derek “DC” Talib is a screenwriter, novelist, director and actor. His love of art and writing came together with how he directs. DC sees things in a storyboard through his mind’s eye. His love of Baroque art and film noir style of film-making come together like a well blended wine.

As an African American, DC wanted to do films featuring diversity, with big emphasis on having strong roles for women and minorities. And – not just films grounded in black life, but rich in various story lines.

DC has an acumen for finding undiscovered talent and artists that love to work on their craft. He believes in indie films and understanding the business of creating a picture and generating a strong ROI for Executive Producers and the team working on the project.

DC’s first feature film DARK IRIS was written as a short and won awards then was later crafted into a feature film. With his company i71Movies he was able to complete the project with only 12 days of shooting on a microbudget. The film was written, shot, and distributed in one year. It is currently in 15 countries and was on Amazon Prime, Vudu, Tubi and available on DVD.

DC and  i71 Movies are looking for people with vision and artists that believe and want to expand the film industry.

Jose has appeared in 20 commercials. In 2014 he made his big screen acting debut in Captain America The Winter Soldier. He has since been in 10 other feature films, including, John Travolta's, “I AM WRATH” and the multi-country distributed feature film, “DARK IRIS”, where he was a lead actor and associate producer.  In addition to acting, Jose has produced, cast and directed several indie short films, feature films and commercials. He founded, “I71MOVIES, LLC” with Derek Talib in 2016 and they began producing their TV series, “St. Gabriel". Jose currently partners with DC in the  talent acquisition for I71MOVIES, LLC working closely with his business partners globally searching for Diversity and undiscovered talent. He  believes in family and creating a team on each project that  have the cohesive strong bonds necessary to make the art the work. Jose is currenlty the lead in I71Movies newest two projects expected to shoot 2024 - 2025. 

Rebekah has produced and directed short films and a 48HR Film competition. Recently, she produced the award-winning, multi-country distributed feature film, “Dark Iris”. Co-producer  on Strings and various projects.

“Dark Iris” won the Producing Award, Best Actress Award and Best Soundtrack Award at the Idyllwild International Film of Cinema.

With a sales agent attached, the movie has been presented at major film festivals, such as, Cannes and AFI.  

Her background in modeling, talent acquisition, and production has made her an invaluable partner and project coordinator.