Our Services

Service List

i71 Movies will be expanding our services after filming of the next St. Gabriel episodes is complete in Spring 2021. Some of our services will include:

  • Filming Advertisements

    • TV commercials

    • Online ads

  • Filming Productions

    • Concepts and trailers for local directors

    • Filming of full length films and series

    • Providing crew and equipment to other production studios

  • Live Events

    • Stream live performances online

    • Stream live performances to FunFlicks screens to make it a drive-in

  • Interviews & Conferences

    • Recording live interviews for later editing

    • Stream and record zoom-style video conference interviews

    • Stream interviews to news stations

    • Stream conferences, graduations and speeches

  • Editing

    • Audio and video editing services

+ more to come

For additional information, use the contact form to inquire about our future services. Contact Us ☍