The following films are now available on DVD and/or online streaming services

Dark Iris

Iris is haunted by a mysterious stalker and her own dreams. FBI agents surround Iris while bodies stack up around her. A modern day Dr. Jekyll and Ms. Hyde, Iris tries to survive as she is hunted by the very agency that created her. 

Projects in Pre-Production or Post Production

The following films currently have trailers available to preview and are seeking funding for production.

A Wicked Breed

A secluded gas station is an out of the way place owned by two brothers who use it as their personal hunting grounds for unsuspecting travelers. The oldest brother's girlfriend experiences an erotic euphoria from the pain she inflicts upon others. It is business as usual until a married couple with secrets of their own come across their path. The twisted trio find themselves challenged when the mysterious married couple turn out to be as dangerous as the three of them. It goes from bad to worse, when their confrontation takes them to the doorstep of a house of horrors. They quickly discover themselves all trapped in a house built in the 1800's, known for the perversions and experiments inflicted upon the women of the house of Dr. Emil Rose. 

St. Gabriel

St. Gabriel is a city run by crime, the occult and the demonic. The true nature of the City is revealed as two detectives uncover the hidden secrets in a town run by organized crime, and the occult. 

Kingdom of Darkness

A child believed to be the anti Christ is  taken by demons. It is the job of military special forces team called the "Black Wings" to bring her back before she becomes the true daughter of Satan.

Short Films & Competition Entries

The following are short competition entries that may be turning into feature films in the future.

Code 207

A Short by i71Movies that is in development for a full feature film.  When women go missing an unlikely serial killer is discovered. 

Wicked Beginnings

i71Movies A Wicked Breed has created a teaser video for two of the characters in the movie. 


The following films are proposed projects but trailers and pre-production have not yet started.

Raven's Gate

A prison becomes a breeding ground for the undead when a chemical is released with only the death row inmates preventing it from spreading to the outside community.

Echo Haven

Description coming soon....

American Titan

In Development: The first Superhero  becomes a government weapon.

Graves Town

In Development: A family of outlaws kidnaps a judges daughter and threatens to kill her unless he releases their father.  The Judge turns to Marshall Bass Reeves, a Comanche  woman and a retired gunfighter to get her back.

Magic of the Woods

Description coming soon....


A lonely hitman encounters a violent call girl bent on suicide.