A group of well funded Mercenaries called the Black Wings have been hiding a child they believe to be the antichrist for years from Lucifer. When the child is taken by force by the demon Legion, they must get her back. Their organization turn to Paranormal expert Cora VanSaint who has been humiliated and fired amid allegations surrounding the disappearance of her husband and best friend. The team believes Cora holds the last chance to save Lily. Cora made contact with Lily the night her husband and best friend disappeared. She believes Lily holds some clue to getting them back.  The Black Wings soon discover that Cora is far more than they bargained for and holds onto her own secrets may not only destroy their team, but also aid in bringing Hell on earth.

A group of special force soldiers, who are privately funded by a mysterious investor leave their regular lives and band together to take on supernatural threats.


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